Air con service in Scotland by Brigus

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Can anyone recommend a good place for air con service (one that knows the 75)? I'm in Aberdeen but I'm willing to travel an hour or two (maybe more) for peace of mind. (Please feel free to move this thread if it's in the wrong location.)


Posted 23 Jun 2010, 14:30 #1 

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When i was in Scotland last year i used a man called John Pirie based in Dunfermline, he was recommended to me from a few friends up there.

I was charged £40 for a recharge. i only have his email which he can be reached on jwpirie@sky

Posted 24 Jun 2010, 08:56 #2 

I got a decent job and price from a Nationwide Autocentre last year.

Posted 24 Jun 2010, 22:22 #3 

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Give Dreadnought garage in Callander a call - if they can't they'll know who can

Posted 24 Jun 2010, 22:36 #4