Accessing all files on a drive taken from a laptop by Dave

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Afternoon folks

I've fairly recently had to replace my aged laptop. Basically it was getting very hot, so had a stab at taking it apart to clean the crud from it's internals, made a bit of a fist of it and when putting it back together, damaged the keyboard connection. I did manage to get a fix sorted (with a piece of thin plastic and parcel tape!) so was able to get the majority of my files and stuff copied to the new laptop.

However, the success of my Heath Robinson fix lulled me into a false sense of security and thus I didn't get round to copying everything. Bit of a mistake, as going back to find something earlier this week, and the laptop powered up, flickered for a bit, then died completely. Guessing either power supply goosed or motherboard gone?

So, I've now got a caddy into which I have popped the old drive, and the new W10 machine is reading it with no problem. However, I can already see that I'm not accessing everything, as the old drive was partitioned as C:/ and E:/ and only one is visible. Oddly, on initial booting, this appeared to be C:/ as it showed "Program Files" and "Users" etc, but now only showing folders I have created with no obvious way back

So, how do I access everything on the drive? Also, is there any way I can boot from the drive? This would be useful as the old drive has Windows Vista on, and there's a program on it (Superbase) that I can' run from W10!

Any advice would be appreciated! :)

Posted 17 Dec 2016, 15:37 #1 

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OK, instant answer was embarrassingly obvious!

Looked back into "This PC" on current W10 machine and noticed that I'd been looking into "Data (F:)" and seeing all my folders, and had overlooked that there was also "Vista (E:)" present under "Devices and Drives"! So basically, it was showing the two partitions as two separate drives, which makes sense!

So, just leaves the other question then, is it possible to boot from the USB caddy drive into Windows Vista (or open it in some kind of virtual window)?

Thanks for reading! :mrgreen:

Posted 17 Dec 2016, 15:51 #2 

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It rather depends on what you have it plugged into. Most modern machines can be set to boot from an external USB device. But all the drivers will be wrong, and it might spit its dummy because its not the original PC that its licensed to.

Posted 17 Dec 2016, 16:49 #3