ABS Fault Finding Test. by Arctic

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I have recently had a ABS (Antilock Braking System)/Brake fault show up on the MGZT 190.

The fault consists of juddering/pulsing of the brake pedal, this only happens when i am coming to an halt either at a junction at a round about or when i am parking up, at only very slow speed 3-5mph, if i brake at speed ie 20-60 no pulsing or judder until the car is coming to stop as i say above.

I have no ABS light on the dash the ABS light passes the initial test, lights and then go's off after a few seconds.

I built an ABS test gauge with an old ABS sensor using the loom part and the ABS to hub which is connected to a multimeter as this one below.

To be continued later after more tests and photo's

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I had similar issue,
after a while it progressed to the ABS warning lamp coming on and loss of speedo, then fault clearing itself
a little bit longer and it ended up as a permanent fault, with an erratic fuel tank level indicator as well.
The ABS cable to the front drivers side was replaced and all well, including the fuel tank level.

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Nice addition to the kit Steve
Robs Pictures at :

Robs Car Gallery

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Bermudan 75
Have you got any further with this Steve?

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Rover418275 wrote:Have you got any further with this Steve?

Hi Mike.
Yes I finally got it sorted out today I am at present uploading the photo's to my album but photo bucket is playing up so taking some time to sort out, once I have sussed why photo bucket is allowing all my albums to be shown if anyone clicks on my photo I can post up my findings and how to remove and replace the faulty item, which
turned out to be the wheel bearing O/S rear.


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