75ZT Community National Picnic by Mick

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Just in case anybody wanting a day out in early September has missed the thread.


Organised by Zeb, a member here, allegedly. :confused: :scared:

[centre]SUNDAY 12th September[/centre]
[centre]At Clumber Park:[/centre]

http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/main/w- ... park-2.htm

10.30am to whenever.

Bring pies...and other picnicky accoutrements...
Bring family....bring dogs! Bring Granny (I want to meet James.UK's granny)

You may have to pay to get in..£5.20 to park(!)..unless you are a member of the National Trust....sorry...
on the other hand we need no disclaimers and no dark warnings of dire developments if we do not obey the masters of the universe.... :D

A parking location will be provided for us by staff at Clumber Park once we have an idea of numbers...so please sign up...it should be FUN...yes, that is allowed... :cheers:

Posted 25 Jul 2010, 11:26 #1 

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well as has been said it is on the same weekend as a convention :shock: so depends on if we go to it :gmc: how ever at this point Mrs starbug is not keen on on going to the convention :panic: :hissyfit: so we may be available to come :cheers: and it is cheaper going to see you lot , who ever you are ;)

Posted 25 Jul 2010, 20:40 #2