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Just recently everything seems to be a bigger job than what was planned
Went to replace the rear backplate holders including discs pads as the plates have been welded twice and handbrake had gone again.
This ended up as a rear subframe overhaul with new upper and lower suspension arms and new rear brake calipers :(

Did a service on ZT today including Oil, filter and spark plugs. All went ok and no scrapped knuckles :)
Even painted up any rusty bolts I found. Did a road test to check all ok and everything was fine.
Went to pop bonnet to recheck the oil and the bonnet cable went boing :(

Looks like I know what I'll be doing next weekend now. :)

Posted 04 Jul 2015, 20:10 #1 

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Bonnet cable done and both catches work now :)
Painted the slam panel while I was at it and fitted stainless steel bumper bolts

The red is looking at bit pink and worse for wear but I need to sort out all the mechanical jobs and the front sub frame first.
On the positive VIS (Variable Intake System) motors all working, car drives great and it still turns heads :-D

Posted 12 Jul 2015, 21:19 #2 

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Didn't feel like doing a lot today, spent the night baby sitting my youngest who discovered alcohol for the first time.
So polished the headlights

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Posted 19 Jul 2015, 20:01 #3