1.8 Turbo by Paul

Well let me be the first to post in the 1.8 section. Great engine with the turbo. :thumbsup:

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as you all know my favourite subject..

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The non Turbo is pretty good also!!!

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The Timesearcher
We find that the 1.8 non Turbo is perfectly satisfactory, but then I've done a lot of fast things ... so perhaps it's time to take them a little easier :!:

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Well this is my first post....i have a 1.8,not the turbo and driven normally is economical and will do the job..it needs looking after, but do that and it should prove reliable.

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My first post to... I've just bought a 53 plate 1.8T Club SE to go with my CDT-T, so far I prefer it to the diesel, smoother to drive,but lacks all the toys in the tourer.Anyway for £400 its a bargain.

Posted 16 Jul 2012, 13:35 #6 

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I just bought a 75 1.8T Connoisseur SE for £650. I'm in love with it :D Very smooth to drive if a little on the wallowy side. However, whenI put my foot down and the turbo kicks in, the whole car jerks as if the engine cuts out, then carries on going minus the turbo?
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Posted 29 Aug 2012, 00:53 #7 

That's an easy one the waste gate is not opening so the turbo over boosts and the ecu cuts the engine to stop it blowing up. The turbo has a little cylinder hidden below the inlet pipe this connects to the waste gate it should open at about 20 psi you can just see the actuator rod below the turbo.

Posted 12 May 2013, 21:24 #8 

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Figured out what the issue is! The engine cutting out is oil going into 3 of the cylinders. The bearings have gone in the turbo. The headgasket's been done at some point but the damage was already done to the turbo, so when there's sufficient pressure to the turbo, the shaft goes wonky and the turbo jams and throws oil into the engine. So, new turbo etc should solve the problem. Cause it's not the boost control solenoid that's the issue, cause that's been replaced with a known good one. But when the engine cuts out it's because a bit of oil is getting into cyls 1,3&4 and coating the spark plugs. Need a new exhaust manifold anyway so that'll get done at the same time.
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Posted 19 May 2013, 07:05 #9