ZT-T 260 for sale for those looking out for one... by SpongeBob

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ZT-T 260 SE. A low-mileage (around 25K) but don't quote me if I'm wrong on this fact :em: I have been told it's number 25 (I presume 25th ZT-T rather than the V8's as a whole?) and it's on the cusp of the transition from Mk1 to Mk2. It features a Mk2 exterior (sans tailgate which is still Mk1) but a Mk1 interior.

Finished in Black Olive monogram paintwork and comes in SE spec so all the usual gubbins like HighLine SatNav and electric seats. Only recently come into the dealership in question so no idea what price they are asking for it.

Interested parties should contact Hopton Garage in Stafford (Sandon Road, ST18 9TH) on 01785 251641. I have no connection with either the original owner nor the garage :)

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25 will be 25 /883...

Posted 18 May 2011, 20:01 #2 

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If anyone needs any info, it's fairly local to me and I could pop in Saturday for a few minutes to ask.

Posted 18 May 2011, 20:05 #3 

I saw this car a couple of years back, when it was for sale on Ebay. Under the black paint, it is Le Mans Green, although the front facelift bumper is red underneath.
Apparently it recently went through a Cornish auction for circa £3500.

Posted 18 May 2011, 21:35 #4