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Afternoon Dan,

Quick over view.

My wife's car insurance is due and we are looking to get a policy that we can add our teenage daughter to she has just turned 17 and is taking lessons.

Do you do any special policy's to add learner/teenage drivers, do you take in to account any of the advance type driving training courses.

Would it be better to have a telephone call to discuss details.

Thanks for your time

Posted 13 Mar 2012, 12:47 #1 

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Hi Andy,

My sister is in the same situation at the moment (just learning etc). Your best bet may well be the Co-op, as they seem *quite* learner driver friendly. I would avoid the cover box though to be honest.
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Posted 13 Mar 2012, 19:53 #2 

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Co-op also are one of the few insurance companies that seem to take pass plus into consideration as well. If Dan does though that would be great, need to get in touch with him myself actually as at the moment I cannot drive either Rover with alliance!

Posted 13 Mar 2012, 20:02 #3 

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Looked on the web site and they do take Pass Plus in to account.

Also looks like my local council will help towards the cost of the pass plus course.

Not phone up to check the costs of the pass plus courses but from what I have seen online they seem to cost £150-£200.

Posted 13 Mar 2012, 20:18 #4 

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My son just passed his test :D :D(22yr old) Thought I would get him on the wifes car insurance( seat leon 1.9 TDI) quote... over 7K !!
Tried a short term ins co ( temp and they want £116.............per day. I give up.
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Posted 13 Mar 2012, 22:56 #5