You've got to be kidding me........ by JakeWilson

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It's safe to say that the house I have ended up in has been the main cause of stress upon coming back to Uni.

Just been in bed, about to dose off when arguing between one of my housemates and her boyfriend kicks off (nothing new!) lots of the usual banging etc of doors, followed by the almightiest of crashes ever.

My housemate could be heard scurrying off to her room and the door closed behind her.

So, I've got up and had a look around to see that her boyfriend has kicked our door in (glass) So the issues are:

Door cannot be locked so people can just walk straight in.

Another housemate who hears the comotion, walks down stairs, goes, "what to you want me to do about it" and wonders off back to bed.

Now I don't live in one of the nicest areas of Swansea, so a smashed open glass door isn't really a safe thing to have.

What do I do?

Posted 17 Feb 2011, 03:04 #1 

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Call the landlord....tell him what has happened...arrange a time for him to visit....then be well out the way when he shows up whilst ensuring silly tart / silly tart's boyfriend is going to be there...

Posted 17 Feb 2011, 07:29 #2 

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The best thing i would do is MOVE.

Posted 17 Feb 2011, 07:43 #3