Xbox 360 now installed by johnwh74

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Woo hoo, with alot of help from Andy Willi we have managed to install an xbox 360 into my Sion double din system.

The xbox is powered up from a hidden converter along with the hidden power pack activated by an independant switch (Andy's work ). The xbox sits lovely in the glovebox where the cd changer used to live.

Alot of cutting and drilling and taking many panels off was needed to complete this project (its not all quite back together yet but its 95%). Once everything is put back where it should be, you wouldn't know there is an xbox there

I have come across a couple of niggles
If the xbox is running on Pal 60, it will play games in black and white only
If the xbox is running in Pal 50, it will only play a few games in colour

If anyone has any ideas how i can get around this then it would be much appreciated

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