XBox 360 bundle by Devilish

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My daughter is getting rid of her Xbox stuff, there were two Xbox 360's, she gave one to a friend. This one is from her bedroom, the console was the only thing taken out the box, headset and everything else in the box has not been opened. The console has never been used online. All the accessories was kept in its own wardrobe and is in mint condition.

Gloss Black Xbox 360 250GB, boxed, mint condition. With 113 games
Kinect, boxed, mint condition. With 14 games
U draw tablet mint boxed with 4 game discs
14 Skylanders.Swap Force action figures
35 Skylanders Series 1 action figures with game platform
35 Skylanders Giants/Series 2/Lightcore action figures including all 8 large domain figures with game platform
Skylanders Battle Arena
Disney Infinity 1.0 and 2.0 game centre holdall with game platform, 23 action figures, 4 crystal game figures, and 16 power discs.
Spyro Adventure, Giants, Swap force game cards
Collection binder with 150+ collector cards, no duplicates.
Soft cushion, poster/ sticker cards, game dog tags. ... e0ald9.jpg ... zjnv2n.jpg ... aoz4aa.jpg ... q6myjh.jpg ... 8bkjzk.jpg

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