xBox 360 120GB by Mad-Monkey

I have an xBox 360 which I bought some years ago, and I've played it a whopping two times! It has a controller, some cables (not sure which ones to be honest, some of them are still wrapped!) and the PSU. I don't think I ever bothered setting up xBox Live or connecting it to the net as I've been more of a PS3 person. There are no games with it unfortunately.

The only minor point is the spring that pushing the front cover up covering the ports on the front has broke so the flap lies down. Don't know how easy a repair it is, but it only affects the look no the usage.

Any good to anyone for £40 and I can bring it to the nano? I don't fancy posting it unless anyone really wants me too as it weighs a lot!!

Posted 18 Mar 2013, 12:57 #1 

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Could be interested mate, but would need to find someone to collect it from the Nano...

If you could let me know if its still available, if so I will get into the list of people attending and see if I can sort something...

Many thanks


Posted 18 Mar 2013, 16:52 #2 

Still available Pete :)

Posted 18 Mar 2013, 18:08 #3