WTD - Diesel ECU by Mad-Monkey

On the cheap really. I think I've managed the NNN000170 ECU (Engine Control Unit) just need a final piece of the jigsaw and a guinea pig, so can look at another ECU whilst I mull it over.

Posted 14 Oct 2011, 06:55 #1 

Bump, Still looking. :)

Posted 21 Feb 2012, 08:39 #2 

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Will you be able to return it later? I have one but I know I don't have time for that project for a while.

Posted 21 Feb 2012, 10:54 #3 

I will say no, I've already trashed a V6 ecu trying different methods of chip removal,mand I'm not sure what state the chips are in after doing different things to them. I'd prefer to get one to keep so its trashed then it only affects me. Thanks for the offer though Duncan. :)

Posted 21 Feb 2012, 11:34 #4