wrong sump plug!!what a plank by indeed

bought 75tourer last week(nice car) thought i would change oil and filter earlier just in case seller and service book isnt as honest as led to belive ,removed splash gaurd found sump plug straight away,removed said plug went for cup of tea ,all verycivilized ,on return took one look at oil and was mortified as i realized had emptied the auto gearbox PLANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!what a nightmare it is to get it back in .Lesson learnt find a garage i can trust,having been shafted by "proffesionals"before does enybody know of a trustworthy garage in north birmingham/walsall i can trust with my new toy????

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Second time around "Lates" While you wait service and they'll show you around the car while they are working.

Posted 24 May 2013, 20:00 #2