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Evening all,

I'm thinking of getting a wormery, only a small one as theres only the 3 of us here. I was wondering if anyone here has one or can give any advice they can pass on.

Thanks all

Posted 04 Apr 2011, 20:14 #1 

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You'd be amazed at how much kitchen waste is generated, I feed my 300 Ltr compost bin mostly with kitchen waste.

This is an interesting document, http://www.sustainability.vic.gov.au/re ... uide_(1999).pdf
It's Australian but they can't help where they are born and I'm sure the worms don't mind much.

I would say something between 50 and 100 ltrs for three people.

Posted 04 Apr 2011, 20:35 #2 

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Key is following the instructions and keeping it maintained - if you dont it gets a bit ripe

Posted 04 Apr 2011, 22:40 #3