Wipers broken? by Bernard

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Then this will get you home....

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I don't like signatures, they take up too much screen space.

Posted 04 Oct 2010, 17:05 #1 

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my next mod :lol:

Posted 04 Oct 2010, 19:44 #2 

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Done that in my teens, in fact some of the old wipers had a lil manual lever on the inside for emergency use.. :)

Posted 04 Oct 2010, 20:17 #3 

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only just saw this. My mates dad had a 1940's Ford van that only had an internal handle for the wiper......it was great.... and another little handle to wind the top hinged windscreen open. Just think of all the intermittant wipe possibilities.

The wiper was central and at the top of the screen so you not only had to work it with your left hand but you had to lean to see through the wiped bit.
It did have a nice set of nearly two dimensional wheels...

it would have to be a serious emergency to attempt to drive it in rain such as your wife catching fire while having a baby. :shock: I don't think UK wives do that

I imagine it could get tricky if you had to give a left turn hand signal at the same time....who would steer? Probably explains why there was a need for lots of water and towels at a birth!

Now the Rolling Stones lyric makes more sense....

"I was born, momma caught fire, the car came
We grabbed towels cos she hated driving in the rain
It was alright we had water quick as a flash
Alright dad and gran gave mom a splash
Hot off the gas gas gas....." :gmc:

Posted 14 Dec 2010, 23:14 #4