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Hi all,
first time out in the rain in my new ZT today and I notice that the intermittent wiper function ( I assume that it's supposed to work the same as it did in the 75 ) only has one speed on all three settings - an interval of approx 4 seconds. Is this an easy fix ?
My wife's Peugeot 206 had a problem with the indicator arm a couple of years ago and when I enquired at the garage, he pulled one of those faces and talked about "airbag insurance", so I got a new arm from one of those breakers yard-link sites and did it myself in 10 minutes.
Just wondered whether it's worth messing about with, as the 4 second interval seems ok at the moment.:confused:


Posted 05 May 2011, 16:18 #1 

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Could be as simple as swapping the wiper stalk over. There are plenty about, as it's the indicator ones with the computer switch that are poplar for upgrades.

Posted 05 May 2011, 17:43 #2 

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It's an easy swap and not a very expensive one either. So I'd go for the swap and see what happens from there.
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