Windows partioning software by Dave

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I think I need to get my hands on something to do this! My laptop is steadily getting slower and slower and I'm wondering if disc space might be a contributing factor

My laptop has around 250gb (probably, as can't remember the exact disc size or how much space the OS takes up). Anyway, it's got two partitions, which are

  • Vista (C) with 117gb, of which a paltry 10.6gb is currently free
  • Data (E) with 113gb, of which 66gb is free

I've moved most of my stored stuff (like photos, videos, music etc) onto the E partition, but I'm struggling to free up more space on C. Rather than move anything else and find I shouldn't have done, I'd rather give C some of the space that's currently on E

I remember using Partition Magic at work, but not only would the discs for that be too old now, as it was XP based, but I can't access them anyway, due to not being at work any more! I can download a demo, but it's not actually functional, so not a lot of point!

Does anyone know of a free but non-risky partitioning solution? Don't really want to spend much if any money on one, as it'll be a one-off usage!

Thanks in advance! :D

Posted 23 Apr 2013, 13:42 #1 

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Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

Click the image to go to Nano-Meet Website

Posted 23 Apr 2013, 14:36 #2 

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Sounds good Paul - I'll have a look!

Posted 23 Apr 2013, 15:07 #3