Win XP SP 2 or 3 by Mad-Monkey

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I have a two copies (legit) of SP1 with licences but I'm trying to install on a new machine and the drivers are going Barmy and crashing the install!! Can I use the license keys on an SP2 or 3 install disk?

I'm going crazy :)

Posted 12 Apr 2012, 19:18 #1 

The answer is no :(

Posted 12 Apr 2012, 20:31 #2 

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I'm a bit lost here. Why don't you just install WinXP and then download all the service packs? I did. There are no charges for the downloads ... :)

Posted 14 Apr 2012, 02:01 #3 

I've managed it! I had to slipstream on an xp machine not a windows 7 machine as originally did! I needed to do it because when I used sp1 I got an irq_less_or_not_equal blue screen of death! Turns out it was a driver error after faffing with the ram. Sp2 and 3 must have an updated driver or correct driver as it installed flawlessly! I couldn't do it the other way as i was trying to install the OS.

On problem now is after 20min the computer shuts down, I'm assuming over heating at the moment! :-(

Posted 14 Apr 2012, 06:33 #4 

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I download everything to a folder on my "D" drive, that way if you ever have to reformat your C/drive the SPacks and anything else you want are available without needing to download them all again.. :)

Posted 14 Apr 2012, 16:12 #5 

That's ok for future reference but this was a new pc build with a blank hdd and OS disk :-)

Posted 15 Apr 2012, 10:46 #6 

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Shutdowns do sound like a heating problem. Many possible reasons, including possibly a faulty motherboard.

Posted 17 Apr 2012, 13:46 #7 

Sorted the overheating now. It was down to the stock thermal paste on the heatsink, cleaned it all off and got some arctic stuff and had the computer on for over two hours with no issues. Using HWmonitor the temps range from 19-40 degrees C now. I might replace the stock heatsink fan as its the noisiest part of the system now, and I can only just hear it working!

Posted 17 Apr 2012, 16:10 #8