WHY DID I BUY A ROVER. by blowncrv

I have recently bought a 75 CDT Connie Tourer and have already had people ask WHY? My old Mondeo though still running well was getting a bit tired and tatty,I needed an estate car,ideally an economical one.I really fancied a 5 series,I've always liked the E39.I would have taken a Passat too.let's face it though,a diesel 5 series or Passat is pricey enough but a decent estate commands top dollar.I saw the 75 advertised and at first dismissed it,the closest I had come to buying one before was an MG ZT-T with the plate MG04ZTT a number of years ago.I did a bit of research on this and other sites and decided to have a look.I am glad I did.She is far from perfect but I already know what I want to do with her.Let's face it there is no way I would have got a 2003 Passat with heated electric leather,ATC (Automatic Temperature Control),alloys,etc.for £760.

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There you go, you have joined the enlightened ones........

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Yes, congratulations on your new buy...... Unfortunately, the old Rover stigma is still alive and kicking....As long as there are Philasteines, there will be bargains for those who are not as daft as they.... :-)
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Shhhhh, everybody will want one ;)
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£760 for a Diesel Tourer is a Fantastic Price. Diesel powered Tourers are usually way more than that. I paid £1000 for mine and it was tatty!!! Well done and welcome :D

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Well done! If you look at my book in the Know How Forum on here, it will give you a few tips as a new owner; it is a Free PDF Download and there is The Complete Buyers Guide in the same section. I think you are from NI and the Buyers Guide was written by Colin NI, so you already have a local contact for any help you need.


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takestock wrote:Shhhhh, everybody will want one ;)

Naa i don't know of any one who would buy one :-D :lol: ....

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