whos a newcastle united fan? by RRobson

because your going to be so jealous :mrgreen:

i was in manchester this weekend, celebrating the new year, and on sunday morning, me an the mrs decided to do a bit of sight seeing and visit a few of the museums etc when who should walk past us on the street? only the entire team! :D

im not a football fan, and i know very little about it, and only recognised them by their sponsor (how i remembered that is totally beyond me) but by the time i had, they had already past.

heres a little proof, see who you know ;)


(managed to get a sneaky pic before they went, shame its the back of their heads :gmc: )
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Posted 03 Jan 2011, 19:37 #1 

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He probably wants to hide his identity Reece.. (the fan I mean) .. :lol:

Posted 05 Jan 2011, 18:02 #2 

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Bermudan 75
Nothing to do with Newcastle United, they were Northern Rock bank staff nipping out for a fag break ! :stirer:


Posted 05 Jan 2011, 18:27 #3