Which model is the rarest? by teeinchina

Hi All, Newbie here with a poser for you all. Having recently returning from the land where Roewe 750's and MG7's roam freely and seen on a daily basis it has dawned on me that it is a rarity to see a 75 or a ZT on UK roads these days. Giving thought to that I tried to decide which version is the rarest. As the V8's numbered only 800+ and I would assume the most common would be a V8 Connoisseur saloon version thus making the Tourer versions quite scarce and in Contemporary form even more so. I would plum for a V8 Contemporary SE Tourer in a Monogram Pearlesent colour as pretty rare. Having said that I find that there were also versions called Celeste L and S - so were those done with the V8 and Tourer body too? Can anyone enlighten me? Cheers Tee

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Don't think there were many 75 V8 Tourers! ;)

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Celeste L and S would have been overseas trim levels, possibly in France and/or elsewhere, but not in the UK.

Some Monogram colours are very rare, and I believe some combinations of engine/trim/Monogram paint were totally unique i.e. only 1 built.

The very rarest would be the Rover 75 V8 LWB, as only one was built - it was a factory one-off, and is believed to have been scrapped sadly.

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I don't believe it was scrapped. ;-)

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I heard a rumour it was in Scotland - was this more than just a rumour then???

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Hopefully we will find out in the near future...!

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Our latest project car is a Mk2 Rover 75 Tourer Connoisseur which has a 2.0 litre petrol V6 engine and was one of a batch of 10 made at the same time and one of only about 20 ever made....we think this is quite a rare one! It'll be featured in Issue 2 of the magazine.

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Keep me posted about the V8 LWB, I've wished for years that I could have owned it!

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Sixteen V8 Tourers. 10 of which were Connoisseur spec and 6 Contemporaries.

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any one off colours in those 16 Jake?


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