Wheel wobble by geesmith

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Wheel wobble. 2003 CDT.
Started a few days ago. Most noticeable at low speed, starts to have less (apparent) effect at 35mph. It's even there when crawling along.

I've done a visual of the tyres, nothing obvious there.

It doesn't feel like any wheel balance issue that I've experienced. I've lost wheel weights a couple of times and that showed up as speed increased becoming particularly bad in a narrow speed range such as 65-70.

It feels like someone is firmly pulling the wheel from side to side at low speed. It's less obvious when cornering and completely unaffected by braking hard or gently (and the pedal feels normal).

The car responds immediately to small steering inputs. I've had no impacts with kerbs or anything in the bad weather...first noticed this as I was pulling away from the depot car park one night.

Has anyone had a similar fault on their 75? :panic:

Posted 07 Dec 2010, 18:31 #1 

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Any chance its the wheel bearing.
Jack up and see if any play also at same time you can spin wheel to see if buckled.

Posted 07 Dec 2010, 20:25 #2 

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might you have snow or ice in the back of the wheel ????? ;)

Posted 07 Dec 2010, 23:05 #3 

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Sounds to me like the tyre has gone out of shape Glynn. Try getting it off the ground and spinning it, even a slow spin will show it up...

Posted 08 Dec 2010, 02:00 #4 

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Swapping front and rear Tyres would quickly rule out tyre or wheel problems.

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Posted 08 Dec 2010, 09:20 #5 

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You will have to do a full check on all the parts first ,lower ball joint will cause wobble at high speed as i had this also, bearing as mentioned above ......check front antiroll bar bushes.........but first do what john above said swap tyres to ilimanate the tyres......andrew

Posted 08 Dec 2010, 15:34 #6 

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Bring it over to us mate and we will have a look at it for you. You are not a million miles away and we are having a mini nano meet this saturday anyway. You're more than welcome to come along and join in the biscuit eating :D .

We have tyre machines, balancing machine, ramps etc so we can get to the source of the problem

Regards John
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Posted 08 Dec 2010, 20:58 #7 

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Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I think I can now put the ball joint down the list and I can't imagine how the wheel could get buckled... Not enough time in the day to even jack it up at the mo.. but Saturday sounds good. :) ..if only i can get someone else to take over the care of my Taiwanese charge (not that she can't look after herself...just being polite....fobbing her off on someone else like)

(thinks cheekily).... I wonder if Paul fancies coming over to the nano(oh no, I'm getting really manipulative now)

Posted 08 Dec 2010, 23:03 #8 

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Update. Had a pair of BFGoodrich fitted on the front....smooth motoring has resumed.The drivers side front Dunlop had uneven wear so must get to Andi W asap and get the tracking sorted. The nearside front was a Bridgestone, almost like new so that's in the boot awaiting a wheel. The wheel it was on has a slight buckle which remains but isn't noticeable. Must have a word with Santa.

The wobble has only been noticeable during the past 3 weeks. Now very smooth, precise, nice and lovely (except the tracking is probably off)

Posted 16 Dec 2010, 17:23 #9