Wheel centre caps. by mel dawson

mel dawson
Could someone kindly tell me the part no of the wheel centre caps for forked alloys,there the liquid silver ones.

Thanks Mel :confused:

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I believe the part you require is:
Part No: DTC000150MBS Trim-centre roadwheel - alloy wheel, 18 inch, "Vortex" - Vortex OR Fork spoke OR Star spoke OR Viking 4 required £14.40 + VAT Each

Do appear some times on Ebay cheaper.
These have the MK2 Rover ship on them as not fitted as standard to MK1 cars.

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mel dawson
Thanks for that,its funny when i posted the question i thought to myself i bet JDC answers it as used to happen on another forum.

Cheers Mel.

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The mk 2 ones do fade pretty badly. My originals are silver / black. The red has gone completely.

I reckon (but haven't checked) the contour centres from the Mk1s are the same size but with the old badge, and none fading paint.

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mel dawson
Hi Duncan,
Yes thats whats happened to mine so perhaps i will try a mk1 set.

Cheers Mel.

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OK, but like I say I haven't actually checked.

I'll try to do so soon, as I have both types....

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mel dawson
Thanks Duncan.

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