Wheel Arch Lining Material by Mad-Monkey

On my Merc there is a carpet type material on the wheel arches to assist in sound reduction. There is a number of other cars that do this as well, but does anyone know what the material is, and where I can get some?

The stuff seems to be bomb proof, dirt jet washes out and a bit of shampoo brings them to new!

Posted 21 Dec 2011, 16:56 #1 

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Is it the same material as Lorries use for the mud flaps?

Posted 21 Dec 2011, 23:50 #2 

Not too sure, I thought the lorries had rubber mud flaps, but it was only last year when I had the Merc that I found out loads of cars have this carpet type material. Just interested to know what material it is as Google hasn't come back with anything, someone mentioned on another car forum that its "coremat" but again Google doesn't help. Would be a good addition to the 75 and ZT I think.

Posted 22 Dec 2011, 08:21 #3 

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I will try to find out after Christmas, as we use the same stuff on our cars. I have no idea myself, but should be able to find the right person.

Give me a nudge in the new year if we haven't got an answer before then.

Posted 22 Dec 2011, 09:41 #4 

Cheers Duncan!

Posted 22 Dec 2011, 10:39 #5