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Had a meeting today with one of my German language tutors as currently in the process of gettting things roling for our year abroad. We had a meeting about it last week and the three options are:

- German Universität at Ausburg.

- British Council Language Assistantship (Although these may not be happening because of the current Dept. for Education spending review.

- Work abroad for a year. (self organised)

I had placed my name down for work abroad and was going to start to get the ball rolling. Don't particularly enjoy student-life (ok, don't remotely enjoy it) in this country so why do it when you're thousands of miles from home?

Also I was of the thought that working for a year is better then just staying at a University and also, and most vitally - I get paid, which not only makes things easier, but means I would be able to see and do more in the country. (Having been completely besotted with the country since my first visit.)

However, due to the fact that I have only been taking German for a limited amount of time and I am not fluent, I have been asked to consider going to a University instead and I will be unlikely to find a company that would be willing to take me.

Just wanted to see what people thought and if anyone knows a German company that wouldn't require fluency!

Much appreciated!


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I have found and not just in Germany that people do speak at least two languages as a matter of course.
I think you will find though the the majority would require a full understanding and fluency.
That is even expected now for many jobs in Wales (to speak, read and write Welsh) including all Government employment jobs.

Best of luck though in what ever you do,
Perhaps being on a course at the same time would greatly assist your plans.

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Why German? You planning another war? :? :lol: Most peeps these days seem to be choosing to learn Asian languages? :confused:

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All I can say is, the best way to learn a language is to live in the country for some time so you are using it every day.

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I guess it depends a bit on what kind of 'business' you are in.

The motor manufacturers (VW konzern, BMW) have a big presence and so do many of their suppliers. My experience is that English is the second language at the Engineers level, so if you have a technical background that might be a way forward.

Funny how people come to like other countries. I work with a Bavarian (Ingoldstadt) who is more British than I am. Can quote Python, loves Fawlty towers, hitchhikers and so on.

From personal experience, though, spending two long out of the academic world, might make you not want to go back. I struggled with motivation after a year working before Uni. Mind you, never had particularly strong motivation even before that.

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Thanks to all for your advice and support! :)

I too Duncan took a year out before working, and have just done 4 months in the smoke (what was meant to be a permenant position that didn't work out!) I think a year out anwhere will result in a reluctant return to year 4.

I was considering seeing if an english language school would take me.

If my exams are out of the way for this year, then I intend to make the Club 75 Meet over there.

All in all - can't wait till it's over and I am back into full time work.


P.s. James - to be honest at times I ask myself that same question (along with Italian!)

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