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takestock wrote:
**** ****

do i get a prize :D

Do you **** :mrgreen:
Geordie Jeans! they're nice & tight especially roond the arse

Posted 29 May 2010, 23:23 #41 

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takestock wrote:
Jürgen wrote:
takestock wrote:Not a bad choice was it my friend :)

Definitely not. We would never had met, if I'd have chosen the other make then. ;)

It is true to say I have never been involved with so many like minded individuals that are generally just nice people. Even in the kit car club i am a member of, there still isn't the atmosphere the people generate having a 75/ZT.

You're right, Dave. It's amazing what we're experiencing. If someone would have told me what the consequences of the sales contract for the 75 would be ... my answer would have been "you're crazy".

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Posted 29 May 2010, 23:25 #42 

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I see we're all exercising the softwares functions amicably :lol:

Posted 01 Jun 2010, 23:20 #43