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I see on the other forum that another TOPIC is going to get out of hand (well two really), 'how many' and Poll for new 'for sale' section.

.........are they getting the idea from this Club, maybe!

Obviously its a good idea to have a 'For Sale' section thats non car related, but some people would disagree! but why .... theres more worst things to be concern about in the world today....

It seems that the other club just seems to keen to argue and disagree with folk (Laptops :panic: ) why folk are so so negative, people over there seem to quick to start an issue with sticking their thoughtless thread that they have angrily typed up..... Its such a real shame that certain folk can ruin what once was a very nice place and obviously still could be if aloud, I know people cant always agree but at least be respectful to each other and give a topic a chance to get started (have an open mind).

Most people that have joined these clubs and forums want some help with their motors and obviously want to offer their help when and where they can in return, also along the way have some fun and FRIENDLY BANTER and meet some new friends :D (so why all this anger and upset with folk) over there I just don't know :evil:

The other club are shooting themselves in the foot, I think they need a anger chart for each member :lol: Each member would be aloud to score each other by the input of ones thread, basically KARMA is given (GOOD or BAD), this would point out all the trouble makers as their scores would show the fact, no need for the moderators as all the club members would be in control of each other (then lets see how people would act :o ), I reckon this would iron out all the problems on the other-side which then it will be safe to return...... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

................ anyway just my thoughts, I was wanting to re-subscribe but been holding out because all the unwelcome atmosphere.....

Posted 30 Jun 2010, 21:30 #1 

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Just pop into our Calm laid back room and take it easy.
Blood pressure lowering thoughts available free of charge. ;)

"My lovely car now sold onto a very happy new owner.
I still love this marque and I will still be around, preferred selling to breaking, as a great runner and performer"

Posted 30 Jun 2010, 21:35 #2 

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Can't see a problem with the 'How many' thread....seems amicable enough.. :)

Posted 30 Jun 2010, 21:37 #3 

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In all fairness, the moderators on the Owners Club are new to it all. Some are/have been moderators on others sites but none have experience like myself, Mick, John and Andy had in moderating the Owners Club members. I'm not wanting to say we were the best at what we did but we did have experience on our side. The newbie moderators will get the hang of things eventually and people will gain respect for them rather than baiting them with silly tit-for-tat arguments.

Our point about separate for sale sections was raised several times (as Greeners mentions) but alas it fell on deaf ears :(

Posted 30 Jun 2010, 21:37 #4 

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SpongeBob wrote: The newbie moderators will get the hang of things eventually and people will gain respect for them.

At the risk of being controversial, Simon, and you KNOW how I hate to be that ;), In my view, moderators EARN respect. Most of them are trying their best, and will develop, albeit at different rates but I can have no respect for an individual, moderator or not, who is without honour.

Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Posted 30 Jun 2010, 22:05 #5 

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SpongeBob wrote:Our point about separate for sale sections was raised several times (as Greeners mentions) but alas it fell on deaf ears :(

Ah yes......As you may (or may not) have noticed I've been pretty much below the radar in commenting on the recent events, but I am afraid that this subject really was the icing on the cake for me. :hissyfit: :hissyfit:

Still I'm sure it'll all get sorted out in the end...

Posted 01 Jul 2010, 02:29 #6 

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Positive thinking.... ;)

Posted 01 Jul 2010, 03:11 #7 

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Just posted "how many" in their search fingy and it came up with zilch?? :confused: :roll:

Posted 01 Jul 2010, 23:26 #8 

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I think it's still knocking around James.
I managed to find it this morning, have to dig a bit!

Posted 02 Jul 2010, 06:30 #9 

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Posted 02 Jul 2010, 06:41 #10