What Colour Is This? by GagHalfrunt

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When I first saw this link I thought Firefrost:


But the first photo almost makes me think of Aurora?

Not that I'll touch a plain K series with a barge pole but that's me...

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It's lime green... :D

Did I mention being colour blind? :lol:

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:confused: difficult to say. But most probably some kind of red. :mrgreen:

James.uk wrote:It's lime green... :D

That's the Y of ebay you're looking at. :D

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I'd say it's Firefrost myself. Can't see any other colour hues in the paintwork in my opinion. I'd also say that it's highly unlikely (although not impossible) that the first owner would have specified a high-cost optional extra such as the monogram paint without first specifying other optional extras - the interior seems sparse of features to me.

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It was only the first picture that made me suspicious.

As regards the spec, I've seen several "poverty spec" cars in Monogram, e.g. that Sunspot one. I bet they ran out of money to have any features after spending it all on paint! :)

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