What a W*****.! by sudderz71

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Oh dear what a day its turning out to be,flying to Europe on Friday for a long weekend as its the wifes and my 10th anniversary,on getting the passports out this morning i looked on mine and to my horror saw it had expired in July i thought it was July next year!,on telling the wife this i think she thought i was pulling her leg,when i assured her this was not the case she gave me a look which i can only describe as being pure evil.
With the threat of expulsion from the house and immenent divorce as she had already booked flights and luxury accomodation i phoned the passport service hotline and now have an appointment in Durham at 10:00am tommorow morning where i will hand over the princely sum of £129.00p and then wait 4 hours to ensure i will have said passport and therefore a roof over my head.
Days don't get any better than this. :mad1:

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Focus on the holiday to come......and try not to think about the £129.. :?

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The Government certainly knows how to charge for these things...... :mad1:

I sympathise having just received my reminder to renew my photo for my Driver's Licence - why should that cost me??? :mad1:

Anyways, forget the £129, you can't go on holiday without it, so it's money well spent. Try think of it as £12.90 per year, maybe that will help??

Have a great weekend away. :cheers:
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Another consolation is that it's better you remembered when you did rather than find out at the check-in at the airport... :panic:

Posted 29 Sep 2010, 18:44 #4