Well well well. I wonder why that might be? by raistlin

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Cogito ergo sum... maybe?

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Posted 22 May 2011, 17:05 #1 

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Dare I mention Compensation Culture? :gmc:

"My lovely car now sold onto a very happy new owner.
I still love this marque and I will still be around, preferred selling to breaking, as a great runner and performer"

Posted 22 May 2011, 17:57 #2 

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I am amazed at how little mental illness seems to be the result of such careers...I would have expected more....that said, I suppose they are trained to have an expectation of seeing terrible things and dealing with extremely stressful situations...

Posted 22 May 2011, 19:37 #3 

Perhaps though it has been brushed under the carpet before. After all did they not execute soldiers during the 1st WW who were shell shocked etc.

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


Posted 22 May 2011, 20:34 #4 

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Yep, they called them cowards-traitors-deserters and shot them, was cheaper than caring for them..

After the Armada, they kept the fleet at sea till half the crews died of various diseases, again, cheaper than having to pay them... After Agincourt, they only supplied ships home for the "landed Gentry", the soldiers had to get home as best they could. Thousands never made it back.. The Rich bankers gambled and lost trillions recently.. Joe Bloggs is picking up the bill.....

Nothing much has changed innit... :(

Posted 23 May 2011, 14:40 #5