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I've been thinking about the companies that have decided to own the photographs you upload to them, and thought to be honest my own site could possibly do that for my own and I retain all my rights. How hard would a website be that could do that? One thing I do like is the photobucket ability to generate the IMG links. Are there any templates available that allow this? I don't mind if you have to pay at the moment as I'm costing things up, but with all the hosting packages available these days I reckon it might not be too much.

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Don't know of any templates that will give you the IMG links, but a simple way would be to just use the following code: http://{}/{images}/{nameofimage.jpg}

I've done this on some posts on various sites so I can control (and still own the copyright).

Any hosting package that gives a reasonable amount of space will be suitable.


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The link generator would be handy as sometimes I can upload anything from 1 - 30 photos to various sites. Manually doing it is ok on a couple. Although I could just use MSWord to do the changes! That would work. I think I'll go have a look :) Cheers

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Using Richards link syntax, I usually create a folder on the ftp server for a set of images with an appropriate name and then the contents labelled 1.jpg - x.jpg that way a simple copy paste and alter just the pic number cuts the amount of time involved in posting several pics, of course time on the back end is required renaming.

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Although I'm not aware of anything specific I'm sure there is some software that runs as a web app to allow what you need. If there isn't and you fancy dabbling in writing your own stuff then you'll have to start looking at server-side programming languages (such as PHP) and creating a little application to handle file uploads, optional renaming or sorting of files onto the file system and perhaps a database persistence to organise and track the files you are uploading. Easy ;) :lol:

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