Webasto FBH timer by Dave

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Anyone got one they don't need any more?

Just spotted one for sale on the OC (amongst a number of items from the same seller) for £15! However, although the ad had been there since 19th July, someone had nabbed the timer this morning! ARGH! :hissyfit:

I am determined to get my FBH (Fuel burning heater.) up and running for next winter!

Posted 03 Aug 2012, 10:10 #1 

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Why use a timer, rather than a remote? The remote control gives you the flexibilty.

Posted 03 Aug 2012, 13:25 #2 

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Good point! (as made by Jürgen on Enthusiasts!)

I'd probably forget to set the timer anyway if truth be told :D

(I must get the FBH working mind, as otherwise it's academic either way!)

Posted 03 Aug 2012, 13:36 #3