Water Pump replacement, approx usual cost? by gramshep

Subsequent to my query about the water leak, my local MG garage has pressure tested the system and its the water pump that is leaking. Can anybody give me a ball park figure for a pump replacement.
Their quote is£468.48,(pump £170.00, a lot compared to Rimmers) with a recommendation to change the cam belts while they are in there, despite them only having been done 4yrs ago.
I think they are being a bit optimistic of my good nature and credit card there.
Seems a shame to lose two years wear!!

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Think they are right. If you are doing the waterpump you might just as well do the belts as the amount of dismantling to do the pumps is the same as doing the belts as well anyway! I would recommend Lates600 for doing the job though....not least because he has done literally hundreds but also because he is very very good! My pump was about half the figure you quote...granted it was 2008 but even so! Their price is not too bad were it to include all belts and tensioners as well!


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Have to agree the price is about right. Had mine done at http://www.austingarages.co.uk/ on Friday as mine had also started leaking after less than 4 years. :(

The price of parts has rocketed. Belt kit and pump alone are near £380 from Rimmer bros. :hissyfit:

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Thanks for the reply. I was recommended by an army mechanic to try some stuff called K-Seal (http://www.kalimex.co.uk/) Normally I am very reticent (and cynical) about putting extra "magic-stuff" into engines especially modern ones but nothing ventured, nothing gained.
It worked.
It has not lost a drop since adding this stuff including a fair distance at a 'very good pace' down the M4.
If you are like I was and a bit stuck for cash and time, maybe it might just be an answer, albeit temporary I am sure.

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Thanks for the update! You may find it is ok for quite a long time!

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I wonder if that explains why my V6 appears to have had some of this in? Hetaer matrix was well blocked with stuff that looked like the wood fibres from cardboard.

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It depends on what additive they use.

All our non diesel motors have and will run with a K-Seal in. Our XJR actually warned against running the car without an additive either K-Seal or Barrs.

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Just as an update, since putting in the K-Seal the car has not used a drop of water or had any indication of mis-behaviour with cooling in nearly 2000 miles, in all driving conditions.

I am personally astonished. It really does work!


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I find K-Seal has an unfair reputaion due to bodgers. It is worth having as a preventative measure, it's not a cure for HGF (Head Gasket Failure) but help in many other less serioeus situations, to the extent I generally put some in every time I change the coolant on any of my cars!

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Can I just add that the Kseal continues to work 2 years later! Cam belts coming up so will take a look see in the pump as we will change that too.

Regards. G.

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