Washer bottle pump by Radaghast

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I need a washer bottle pump for a 2002 75 tourer. It needs to have a dual outlet. I have found plenty with a single outlet but would prefer the rear washers to work.
Heres hoping
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Posted 06 Nov 2010, 08:16 #1 

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They are still available new at XPart outlets and Rimmers.......
If you take out a small mortgage.

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Posted 06 Nov 2010, 09:02 #2 

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Thanks. I did look at Xpart, seems a bit pricey as you say, especially as you can pick up a single outlet one for a Tenner

Posted 06 Nov 2010, 17:42 #3 

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How about contacting this guy on eBay to see if he has one?? Breaking a facelift 75 tourer.

View eBay item 170561942252
Or contacting the breaker of this ZT-T??

View eBay item 250715461230

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Posted 06 Nov 2010, 20:03 #4 

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Good idea. I'll give it a try.

Posted 07 Nov 2010, 08:48 #5