Wanted - Rover 75 and MGZT Keys by Mad-Monkey

I would like any old Rover 75 / MGZT keys please. I'm after the transponder and PCB (Printed Circuit Board) so no great shakes if the key is bent, broken, cracked, damaged in anyway etc...

Ebay prices are way over the money for a used key, so let me know what you'd want.

I could do with a matching EWS (Engine immobiliser (EWS from the German, Elektronik WegfahrSicherung)) for at least one or two keys if possible as well, but single keys are useful at the moment!

Thanks :)

Posted 27 Jul 2011, 09:23 #1 

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I think I've got a couple with missing blades, your welcome to them.
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Posted 27 Jul 2011, 09:51 #2 

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You can have mine but they'll cost you £2850.00 :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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Posted 27 Jul 2011, 10:05 #3 

Cowley_MOA wrote:I think I've got a couple with missing blades, your welcome to them.

Yes please! PM inbound soon!

Posted 27 Jul 2011, 10:09 #4 

DeuxGazoles wrote:You can have mine but they'll cost you £2850.00 :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

There's always one :whump: :mrgreen:

Posted 27 Jul 2011, 10:11 #5 

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I have a few transponders, though I'm keeping the PCBs.

I do have an EWS with supposedly matching transponders. Trouble is I'm not sure which is which. I'm sure we could at least arrange a loan if it's for what I'm thinking.

Posted 27 Jul 2011, 10:29 #6 

Cheers Duncan, I'll bear it in mind. Problem with a loan, I'm not sure what will happen when I start messing. At least if they're mine and it all goes Pete Tong it's only my stuff I've ruined. Typing this message has just prompted yet another idea but it would mean the destruction of at least 2 or 3 keys! :)

Posted 27 Jul 2011, 10:41 #7 

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You are still welcome to the unmatched transponder chips if any help.


Posted 27 Jul 2011, 10:49 #8 

Yes please Duncan I'll send you a PM

Posted 27 Jul 2011, 11:29 #9