Walnut Steering Wheel, and a couple of other bits by Ajd1

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Unfortunately needs must so I'm having to sell a couple of things.

Walnut and Sandstone steering wheel bought from SMC earlier in the year.
It was originally Smokestone but I've dyed it to a Sandstone finish, when it's fitted you wouldn't know the difference.
It doesn't come with any ice switches or airbag but it's very easy to transfer your existing ones.
I also transfered my rear cowl to match the airbag again this is an easy transfer of your existing one.

Image Image

Steering wheel no longer for sale, its going back on the car don't want to part with it.

Auto dimming rear view mirror with stem covers in good condition.
It only has 2 wires to connect and was like this when I bought it works very well.

Image Image

£37 delivered.

Drivers side cup holder in good working condition, again it's a simple matter of transfering your blank cover onto the cup holder.


£45 delivered. SOLD

Also have a Sandstone electric rear blind with loom and switch.
Pics to folow as it's still in the car.

£85 delivered. SOLD

I'd prefer bank transfer or cash on collection if possible.
I live in Scunthorpe DN16

Had to put a space in the placename as it comes up as Pork Pie if I don't, probably the swear filter working overtime. :D

Also advertised elsewhere.

Thanks for looking.


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Good luck with your sale,

All easy upgrades to do and worth while.

Posted 10 Oct 2010, 11:21 #2 

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Thanks, they really do finish the car off.

Posted 10 Oct 2010, 16:36 #3 

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Ajd1 wrote:Had to put a space in the placename as it comes up as Pork Pie if I don't, probably the swear filter working overtime. :D

Sorry about that! Fixed the problem and amended your post accordingly... :em:

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Thanks for that, I didn't think the place was quite that bad. :lol:

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Paypal is acceptable if sent by gift or fees are covered.

Posted 11 Oct 2010, 21:19 #6 

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A couple of photo's and a clip to show it working.


Image Image Image

If anyone wants any trading refs my ebay username is a.davis1


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