Walnut Handbrake by Chartermark

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Does anyone know if this will fit a 75?

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/L-Rover-Disco ... 43a91ceca3

Posted 17 Aug 2011, 10:37 #1 

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I only know that the Freelander walnut grip needs to be, quote Kandyman "The Freelander wooden handbrake handle will need to be boared out to 20mm to fit in the 75"
Whether the Disco one is the same I can't say

Posted 17 Aug 2011, 17:06 #2 

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Thanks Mick,

75 delegated ones seem to have dried up?

Posted 17 Aug 2011, 17:34 #3 

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I have a Rover Walnut one from Les at SMC in the garage, I'll have a look and report back just to make sure.

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Posted 17 Aug 2011, 17:47 #4 

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Thanks John - much appreciated.

Posted 17 Aug 2011, 22:16 #5