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I use VB5 to create some simple programs. Whilst it works with XP (have not tried it with 7) on closing down it comes up with an error and asks if I want to send it to Microsoft.

Little out of touch with where VB went. Anyone know what the modern equivalent is?

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Posted 27 Jul 2011, 07:20 #1 

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I think the Visual Basic that sits "behind" MS Office programs like Word, Excel etc is pretty much the same, used for macro functionality

I hardly ever use Word, but use Excel and VBA within it a lot, from stuff like the below (which simply ensures that the Workbook opens displaying today's date) to very, very long and convoluted stuff!

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Private Sub Workbook_Open()
On Error Resume Next
ThisDay = DateValue(Date)
T = 0
Do While ActiveCell.Offset(T, 0).Value <> ThisDay
T = T + 1
ActiveCell.Offset(T, 0).Select
End Sub

Posted 27 Jul 2011, 09:25 #2 

Thanks Dave but I need something that I can do a bit more with.

At present I need to export data into Access and then manipulate it etc as well as write other things.

I export into Access 2000 and then have to conver it to 97 to use with VB5.

Having finished what I was writing this morning I spent a couple of minutes on the Internet and discovered VB2010 which is a free download so will give that a try.

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Posted 27 Jul 2011, 14:25 #3 

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Good luck whatever you do!

I'm guessing Access will use VBA in the background? I'm no expert with this stuff, but do enjoy a good tinker, often spending hours writing code that does something I could have done manually in seconds! :D

Posted 27 Jul 2011, 15:27 #4