VERY RARE – PRE-PRODUCTION Rover 75 by Badgertone

Price now £1600 (and this includes spare set of Union alloys)


Main Details

• 2.0 KV6 (manual) Club – RHD
(Most pre-production cars were 2.5 KV6 (automatic) Connoisseurs – most were LHD)

S577AOX would also have been one of the very first Rover 75s with the 2.0 KV6 engine (initially introduced for the Rover 75). I am not aware of any other
pre-production Rover 75 with this specification, engine, gearbox and colour combination)

(Many of you are aware of the main features seen on the pre-production models – for example, black surrounds on side repeater lenses, none-wooden surround for warning light/lock buttons, BMW badges on some components, smooth steering column moulding off pre-production tooling)

• Registration Number – S577AOX (VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) – 1538)

• Exterior Colour - Arran (‘Old English’) White
(Colour now very rare - this was only available during the early Cowley production run)

• Interior Colour – Smokestone (ash grey leather seats)

• Current Mileage – 85317
(NB This will rise slightly – I drive the car every day)

• Taxed to 31/1/2013

• MOT to 29/06/2012 (no advisories)

• Build Date – 20/1/1999

• Registration date – 15/2/1999

The overall condition of this car is excellent

A substantial amount of work has been carried out both during my ownership to preserve this particular example for the future
(work has been carried out by Rover 75 & MG ZT Owners Club mechanical guru ‘Jules’ and local MG Rover specialist garages)

The car is very well ‘sorted’ - all the usual Rover 75 ‘risk areas’ have been dealt with i.e. Cambelts, thermostat, water pump, VIS (Variable Intake System) motors x 2, clutch and wishbone bushes have all been replaced


‘Standard’ Club specification plus the following:
• Sunroof
• Traction control
• Headlamp wash
• Folding rear seat
• Parking sensors
• Heated leather seats
• Symphony Stereo

Work done

In addition to regular service work the following has been done:

Summit Garage (MG Rover Specialist) – various invoices dated 2011 and 2012
• Battery replaced February 2012 (3 year guarantee)
• VIS motor (balance) replaced
• Gearbox Oil replaced
• Instrument Pack replaced
• Symphony Stereo fitted
• Brake fluid renewed
• Front and rear brake pipes all treated
• Kumho 205/65R15 tyres x 2 fitter (rear)

‘Jules’ (MG Rover Specialist and Forum Member) – invoice dated 9/3/2011
(Mileage 80233)

Full ‘cambelt service’ (and more)

Main parts replaced
• Cambelts and auxiliary belts
• Water pump
• Thermostat
• Teardrop mount
• O/S and N/S wishbone (lower) bushes
• VIS motor (power)

Other parts replaced
• Heated leather seats
• 5 hole panel (and switches for heated seats)
• Plenum shield fitted
• Airbag light
• Reverse (parking aid) sensor
• Shannon tube
• Front o/s indicator unit
• Ashtray assembly
• Oil breather pipe

Service items done (in addition to oils and fluids)
• Pollen filter
• Spark plugs x 6
• Wiper blades
• Air conditioning unit re-gassed

Other checks carried out
• Condenser checked – fully operational
• Cooling fan condition checked – all speeds working
• Plenum drains checked and cleared

In addition to standard service work here are some examples of other invoices held for work carried out:

Austin Garages (MG Rover Specialist) – invoice dated 23/06/2010
(Mileage 78919)
• Traction control unit replaced

Sundial Motor Company – various invoices dated 2008 and 2009
(Mileage range 73108 to 75967)
• Brake pipes and bulbs (in addition to service)
• Central locking repair
• Replace rear brakes and discs, fit new exhaust rear box

All Electric (MG Rover Dealer)
(Mileage 53802)
• Complete Clutch replacement (total cost £1302)
o Flywheel assembly
o Clutch plate
o Clutch cover
o Master cylinder
o Slave cylinder

I have a robust programme in place to make sure that the car remains in excellent condition. All potentially troublesome areas have received attention with components replaced whether needed or not. Later this year it was my intention to deal with a lazy n/s/r lock and to replace the headlamp wash pump. My long term plan was to fit both electric rear window and cruise control (the switches are in place in readiness but ‘hardware’ is not). I also intended to fit my Union 16 inch alloy wheels

Whatever work has needed doing has been done. Invoices show that I have replaced whatever was required including the smaller items such as brake pedal rubber, headlamp bulbs, remote control battery, interior light bulbs. Even replacement tyres were as originally specific (rather than drop size to later factory specification of 195s)

Bodywork condition
Very well looked after. Bilt-Hamber detailing clay treatment to entire bodywork July 2011. Polished and Waxed by hand at least every 2 months. Very good condition despite age. Original ‘Contour’ alloy wheels are also in good condition (rear tyres have done under 5K miles, front have 5-6 mm of tread)

Interior condition
Good condition. Leather steering wheel re-dyed. Gliptone leather conditioner and cleaner used on leather seats also around every 2 months

Why sell?

• I now face a dramatic increase in domestic and work related mileage
• I have lined myself up with a very decent Rover 75 diesel tourer replacement – slightly more practicality and better MPG but not quite the unique feel of S577AOX

(All the work done at outset of my ownership was with a view to long term reliability and preservation. I rightly took the view that this car was special and a definite ‘keeper’! However, I didn’t anticipate that members of the family would permanently move to Elgin (Scotland) and Devon. You will see from the pictures that I have a two car drive and no garage so I don’t have the scope to keep a third car (much as I would really like to)


The car is in truly excellent condition and has been very well looked after over many years. Being a pre-production model it has some historic significance and I believe the specification, engine, gearbox and colour combination to be unique. Most of the important mechanical jobs have been done so the car should be virtually trouble free and very useable. It has well below average mileage for the year.

S577AOX is located in Wolverhampton (WV6) - send me a PM if you want to view or ask any questions

The car is known on this Forum. It was bought off a Forum member and I have made active use of Forum traders and members for services, advice and parts. So, ideally I want it to stay in good hands and go to another Forum member that will look after it well. I believe that it is priced very reasonably (given the amount of carried out and especially because it is a ‘first’)

Send me a PM if you want any photos

Thanks for viewing

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