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If you have not seen the now current MOT that is issued cn easily be recreated on a computer, no special paper, no special design just plain printing. Anyone with just basic computer skills could produce one so, as Duncan says, if the computer says you have not got one then that will be it.

That apart Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play


Posted 30 May 2012, 22:35 #21 

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Better keep the receipt too then :)
Oh wait no point that can easily be copid to :confused:

Posted 31 May 2012, 20:34 #22 

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Not had a spring go on my 75 yet but did have one go on my Clio a couple of years ago, I was not aware of it until it failed its MOT. :-o The tester advised that it was a common failure with many cars and while dilapidated roads play a part my main suspect is speed humps. :whump:

Posted 05 Jun 2012, 02:59 #23 

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Speed humps often get the blae, but I had a car that had springs go, having very rarely been over speed bumps. My belief is that to reduce weight, the amount of steel has got less, and special manufacturing methods have been used to stiffen and toughen the coils, and it's this change that has caused the problems.

Posted 05 Jun 2012, 09:11 #24