Valuation time by SpongeBob

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Nobody panic ;)

Just want to know what the realistic market value of the following car is:

2001 MG ZT 160+ Finished in Solar Red. Pre-project drive fit and finish including press-car finish such as extra coating of paint and a few factory fitted goodies like Xenon HID (High Intensity Discharge) headlamps and power wash. Full description of condition and extras as below:

  • Fully-fitted real bur walnut dashboard including all plinths and centre console panels along with handbrake lever.
  • Re-trimmed seating in leather and black alcantara. Very little signs of wear on all seats bar drivers which shows some wear but no where near that of a 9 year old car.
  • Mats fitted to protect underlying carpet.
  • Highline instrument pack including stalk button for trip computer functionality.
  • TrafficMaster alert system fitted and functioning.
  • Brighter interior lights (5W instead of 3W bulbs).
  • Heated windscreen washer jets.
  • Both VIS (Variable Intake System) motors fully working.
  • Pipercross induction kit.
  • Chrome bullet-style powerfold mirrors including appropriate switch pack.
  • Reversing sensors.
  • 56K on the clock which is well below-par for the age of the car.
  • No known mechanical problems or defects.
  • New discs up front and new pads all round only last year.
  • Symphony audio headunit with CD changer.
  • Rear electric sun blind.
Bodywork condition is average for its age with a few chips here and there but certainly nothing major defect wise - some crazing to the paintwork on the rear bumper but only noticeable if you get close up. Interior condition is very good and clean - smoke-free all its life. Engine bay gets a clean every now and then too!

Okay, so those of you who know will realise this is my car... :? :panic: :mrgreen: However you can all rest assured I'm not going anywhere ;)

Posted 21 Sep 2010, 20:27 #1 

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You must've found a V8 then...and realised that the insurance will be cheaper than the 160 on a classic policy... :D

Value? Very hard to say....I would hazard a guess at maybe up to £2000 - £2500? T'is the age you see... :?

Posted 22 Sep 2010, 08:16 #2 

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Relieved to hear that you aren't selling! (Was getting scared for a minute!)

The value of these cars is a really odd one, although no comparison to your fine motor there is this at the moment: ... ?logcode=p

Posted 22 Sep 2010, 08:50 #3 

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Zeb wrote:You must've found a V8 then...

No I've not found a V8 :(

But there may be something.... :shock:

Posted 22 Sep 2010, 18:38 #4 

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Worth about £4:50, but seing as I like you I'll give you a fiver :) Deal
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Posted 22 Sep 2010, 18:45 #5 

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takestock wrote:Worth about £4:50, but seing as I like you I'll give you a fiver :) Deal

I can tell you're a Yorkshire man! :roll: :lol:

Posted 22 Sep 2010, 18:56 #6 

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It's an MG, it's petrol powered.. It's 9 years old, Main buyer age range is quite young, so insurance is very high.. :confused: ..

My gestimate is around the £1500- £2000 mark...

Posted 22 Sep 2010, 19:36 #7 

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Cowley_MOA wrote:It's an MG, it's petrol powered.. It's 9 years old, Main buyer age range is quite young, so insurance is very high.. :confused: ..

My gestimate is around the £1500- £2000 mark...

Sounds like age discrimination to be James :lol:
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Posted 22 Sep 2010, 19:49 #8 

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Well I'm estimating my 190 which is the same age as yours but much higher mileage (85K) in the £1500-£2000 much as James says. I suspect the 190 might have more appeal but yours is now of a higher spec plus the much better mileage.

You might want to consider removing some of the extras you have put on such as the Powerfolds and return to normal and sell separately. Some things of course will be hard to reverse which is a shame as mine could do with some parking sensors! :D

The sad fact of the matter is I've discovered my car is worth more in bits now. :shock:

I hope you buy another ZT!

Posted 24 Sep 2010, 09:02 #9 

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CAPWIN report on your MG ..


Posted 24 Sep 2010, 09:25 #10 

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Am I the only one who thinks that a lot of these "official" figures for our cars seem all over the place compared to what they actually sell for?

Posted 24 Sep 2010, 09:45 #11 

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Erm!! Yes .. definately ? :D
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Posted 24 Sep 2010, 11:26 #12