V6 needs to be on T1 by mi2540

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friend has a early r 75 v6 and has chasnged his headlight to self adjusting with washers headlights do adjust fine but the powr washers not operating he has been told that ECU (Engine Control Unit) needs to be hooked up to T1 testbook to modify them so they operate properly does any menber know of anyone has has a T! in the London area preferably long shot I know but you can only try


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Its better to do it with a ZCS code change rather than use an early disc. If the T4 (Testbook version 4.Computer Diagnostic System) can communicate fine with the car then a T1 disc can be used but a ZCS codes change is the safer option!

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It could be that whoever fitted the washers forgot the relay in the passenger footwell box.

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