Usual overheating probs by fredadog

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New head gasket system keeps overheating also water in footwell could they be related? Thermostat removed now no heating also temp dial does not work diag done showing temp with IPK (Instrument pack (IPK from the German)) but gauge not working other than red light when starting help

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Water in footwell is likely to be blocked plenum drains. Overheating could be a number of things, including a failed fan.

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Could water in footwell be heater matrix prob even though i cant see any water deposits around pipes on matrix.Also temp dial not working could it be water around ecu area

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It could be the matrix, but it's not a common failure where blocked plenums is. Also coolant has quite a strong smell so possible, but check the plenums first.

Temp gauge problem: no it's likely to be a problem with the IPK. The information about engine temperature comes in via CAN (Bus Controller Area Network), but so does the engine RPM. So of the tacho works, its not that. There's another thread live at the moment regarding a faulty temp guage. Carry out the checks suggested in that. If the temperature reads OK in the digital display, then its the same as in that thread, a faulty instrument pack. If the digital display also shows nothing, it could be the sensor in the engine, or a wiring problem.

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how many plenum drains are they

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fredadog wrote:how many plenum drains are they

Depending on the year of your car 3 or 4
on the later ones the one on the drivers wing is blanked off. other three are top of passenger wing, below ECU (Engine Control Unit) below brake servo.:)
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just tried running engine with cap off and using bleed screw engine ran ok till about 70-80 degrees then water was forced back up through overflow and cap.Bleed screw didnt seem to do much

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Have problems with mine overheating after been standing over 3 weeks, in garage at moment, they have found steam coming up from bottom of rad after running for 15 mins, fans are working fully. told them to change rad, will see what happens when I get it back tomorrow, fingers crossed.

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