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Sound familiar??
2003 1.8 T. Car's had 3 HGF (Head Gasket Failure)'s in it's lifetime, the last one resulting in some skimming (according to scribblings in handbook) and an MLS (Multi Layer Steel Gasket) head gasket fitted. Had car 10 months and drives like a dream. Now using water/temp guage red lining. Reluctant to think about yet another HGF and noticed trickle of water from underneath whilst at traffic lights. After further investigation, noticed slight leak on top rad hose connection (where it's bolted to the rad). Understand about water boiling at higher temp under pressure etc. (16 years a car boby fitter and all that!) Worrying thing is that engine is now mis-firing and engine warning light flashes intermittantly for up to 30 seconds at a time.
Anyone had similar experience or recommend a solution?

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It sounds like you are getting water in one of the cylinders causing a misfire, before you panic it might be worth changing the inlet manifold gasket as a dodgy one can cause the problems you are having

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From the symptoms, I'd look at the Inlet manifold first, too. It is often misdiagnosed.

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Thanks guys, i'll definately check that out too.

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1st found hole in top rad hose. Fixed that and was filling water back up and soon noticed a puddle on the floor.

Steam created in the cooling system (when pressure was lost due to the leak) had destroyed the inlet manifold gasket.

Very many thanks to you both for not only correctly diagnosing the problem, but saving me a packet in the mean time.

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Now i'm getting the pressure back in the system, I've found the "T-piece" (by top rad connection) is leaking from the seam where the two halves are (supposed to be) joined together.

I will cure this leak.............

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Borg Warner
The T-piece is notorious for failing. If you can, get it replaced with a metal one.

I know what you are going to say, "where do I get one from?"

Can the link be put up?

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