USB freeview dongles by raistlin

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Does anybody have any experience of USB based TV please?

My new mobo doesn't have PCI sockets and so my Hauppauge TV card can't be fitted. I've had a look at the PCI-e examples and they seem ridiculously priced.

USB are a lot cheaper but would really like to hear any experiences before I spend more money.

Thanks :)

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Posted 27 Aug 2012, 18:07 #1 

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I bought a USB 'elgato eye TV' DVB dongle last year to use on the Mac Book Pro. It worked beautifully in the UK and it found the Freeview channels no problem. It came with add on 2 magnetic single ariels on long leads and had a standard TV ariel jack on it as well and on board scanner. I wanted to use it in Africa and had read good reviews that it works in Afghanistan and Egypt. I thought if it worked there, it should work in Africa. I was disappointed it failed miserably. It was about £100 to buy which I thought was expensive given it proved not to have global coverage despite its claims to work everywhere. Do cross that one from your list.

Posted 27 Aug 2012, 19:30 #2 

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I use a very old, but very capable Asus my cinema stick. I had problems when I first bought it as none of the laptops were powerful enough, but for my current win7 machine it's A1.

So they can work fine.

Posted 27 Aug 2012, 20:59 #3