update on mgzt ownership. by 1gp

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Hi... Well after a couple of weeks now with my cdti iam very pleased. it looks like its been a members car at some point as all the mods have been done , after looking around to do them. it drives really well , goes really well. been adjusting synergy ,to try and get best low down grunt. I have got one reverse sensor not working , and cooling fan to fix , no speeds. all plenums dry and clear egr done , bonnet cable etc etc pcv filter . The only thing that iam getting used to ,is driving a auto , never had one before and is really strange after driving manual for the past 25 years. it has been really well looked after in the past . also has MG in the reg :) will get pics up this wkd , someone may know who used to own it ? It came from the sleaford area. :-DImage

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Nice to hear your pleased Jim :)
Photobucket = Tossers


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cheers bud.. pics now in ZT gallery... :-D

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Such a pretty colour. :)

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Mick wrote:Such a pretty colour. :)
yes , it looks well when clean...

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