Ultrasonics by paul d

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paul d
Hi all

Bought an ultrasonic unit from the dreaded e-bay a couple of weeks ago & it turns out the modual inside is a BMW part (although the outer cover is correct trim colour - Light Smokestone).

Now as i understand it (please correct me if i'm wrong) this will fit ok.! My problem is, on checking the wiring diagram, on an OE part wires are Pink/Green & Pink/Yellow to the BCU (Body Control Unit) & 2 black wires to earth. On the module i have the 4 wires from the plug are Red/Black - Black/Yellow - Black/Red & Brown/Black

Would some knowlagable soul know which corresponds to which.

Also where can i buy the connectors that fit the wires to the BCU & the ones to connect to the passenger compartment fuse box (later type)

All help i greatly appriciated



Posted 06 Nov 2013, 07:32 #1