'ultra Low Sulphur' or 'Super Plus' by Tourerfogey

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Lat time I refuelled the Tourer I accidently filled her with Unleaded Super Plus rather than the Ultra Low Sulphur Unleaded I usually use. 'Buggar' thought I, as its 3p or 4p dearer than the ULS and with petrol prices as high as they are at the moment I was not pleased at the extra expense.

However . . . I have to say, that over the last week or so the old 1.8 K Series has felt much more responsive and willing so much so that the extra cost can be well justified. Needless to say I filled her again today with 'Super Plus.

Now, whilst I expect there to be some difference between the two, I keep asking myself whether the performance gain is largely 'just in me head'! I've not yet been able to calculate whether there has also been an improvement in mpg but I'm trying to monitor that now.

What do you use? Have you found the difference to be appreciable or am I being conned by my imagination?

Posted 10 Apr 2012, 21:43 #1 

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Morning TF! :-)

The 190 we had showed little difference in either MPG or performance when running Super Unleaded. However, when we had the Saab Aero HOT, it stated that prefered fuel was 98 RON super, and by god could you tell the difference, it felt like you gained about 20BHP. Also, the Saab would pink when given some beans on standard fuel, but not on super.

On the diesel front, I have noticed an increase in performance and MPG when using Shell or BP, however Totals Excellium was a massive dissapointment and an even bigger hole in the wallet!


Posted 11 Apr 2012, 07:04 #2