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Microsoft, caused a problem during an operating system upgrade and I would not have the earlier version disc to hand for a while it seemed that the laptop would be unavailable for a couple of months.

I then though about an old laptop that was so slow that it was not used anymore. So I took the HD out of it, put it in the new laptop and loaded Ubuntu on to it. This is free though you can make a contribution, and includes a basic office suite and the various browsers have Ubuntu flavours (except IE - I wonder why). In addition, there have been no viruses for it.

It performed well. The new laptop now has Windows on it - sometimes need the power on MS Office as well as some other programs that are only Windows.

So put the HD with Ubuntu in to the old laptop and it runs just fine, in fact typing this on it.

So if you have an old latop gathering dust in a cupboard stick Ubuntu on to it and rejuvenate it.

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I love Linux. Runs so well on old / low end gear. Try Lubuntu. It will run even better as it a lightweight version of Ubuntu :-)

Puppy Linus is another.

Dave :-)

Posted 29 May 2014, 10:54 #2